welcum 2 hell where there's little robots and magic cardboard.

we r the best danball senki wiki.

Contribute or die.

A LOT OF PPL SEEM TO BE CONFUSED SO- No this is NOT a real wiki! I made this like 5 years ago bcos I was a piece of shit who would edit the official wiki for lols but then ppl actually started caring about it so I made this joke wiki. The jokes in this wiki aren't funny lmao like honestly this wiki is so embarassing but part of me refuses to delete it.

Please note this wiki contains BAD WORDS and references to DRUGS AND SEX so it's probably not the best wiki to be looking at if ur a kid. Go to the actual wiki kid. Also bcos DanSen IS a kids show I do ask that ppl don't link to this wiki on the actual Wiki.

The actual DanSen wiki is here

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