Gouda Hanzou
Draw me like one of your french girls
Vital statistics
Name Gouda Hanzou
Kanji 郷田ハンゾウ
Romaji Gouda Hanzou
Birthday 6/6/666
Age 666
Gender Male
Affiliation Satan
Occupation Ruler of Ice Hell
LBX Hakai-O
Team Yamano Ban Team
Status In denial
Relatives Sendo Daiki(spouse)
Debut Danball senki episdoe 666
Seiyuu Hayashii Yuuki

The Dark Lord makes his first appearance.

Gouda Hanzou is a gang leader who shows off his abs better than Kousuke does. He is also satan and on multiple occassions requests to be bathed the the tears of Snu and Kaga.((GET OUT))

He requires 666 Ban Rooster sacrifices per month to satiate him



welcum 2 hell

Gouda Hanzou is very temperamental. He is head of the street gang "Elite Six hundred sixty six" of Mysore. He is actually the spawn of Satan. But by defeating his father in an LBX battle he took the crown as the king of the damned. He now reigns over Ice Hell with an iron fist. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, LBXs, and having romantic dinners with his spouse, Daiki. You can contact h
Cum 2 satan ;)

Gouda hitting on Sendo.

im simply using a satanic sacrifice. Or calling him. His number is #666.


Gouda Satan likes to show off his hot bod by wearing basically nothing over his Chest. AKA HE'S DOING IT
Satans cumming ;)

Gouda jumping like a bat out of hell....wait...

RIGHT. He has short spiky hair and the Sideburns of a God. He has a weird goggle headband (seriously idek what the fuck it is) that makes his hair look dreamy. He wears a long black trench coat with popped collars. He has long black pants and a white belt. His shoes are ridiculously high sandals because he likes to be fabulous. Overall he is a fashion GOD SATAN. We all wish we could be as fabulous as him.

Little Battler eXperience (LBX)Edit

Hakai-O: It was able to fight 1 vs 3, destroying Kazu's warrior and nearly beating Ban, Kazuya and Ami. Its

Hakai-O destroying Kazu's Warrior using the power of satan

Attack Function is 我王炮(Gaou's Cannon), a powerful flamethrower attack.

He also has the power of hell and is known to use that quite often.


Gouda feeling yaois for Sendo


Our Lord and Master severely burns you.