Kaido Jin
Jin and his family
Vital statistics
Title King Of Bad Booty
Name Kaido Jin
Kanji 海道ジン
Romaji Kaidou Jin
Birthday I DUNNO LOL
Age 13, 14 (W), 18 (WARS)
Gender Male
Occupation Angel
LBX The Emperor

Zenon Triton

Team Himself
Status Alive
Relatives Kaido Yoshimitsu (Grandfather)

Yamano Ban (husband) Haibara Yuuya (wife)

Debut Danball Senki episode 1 (when he lands in all of our haatos)

Danball Senki W episode 6

Seiyuu Hisashi Oda

Kaido Jin (海道ジン) is one of the angels of Danball Senki. Later when he falls in yaois with ban he becomes one of the 4 satanic horsemen.


In the original dansen series, he was a HOT BABE. Rockin the 2 colored hair and a jacket. Then W came around and now he looks like he's dressed by a colorblind grandma. #realtalk he looks like he came out of a bad 70's movie. c'mon japan we left the 70's for a reason.

Jin as a slim body and has a skintone that reflects that he spends more time inside playing with robots than going to the park and making friends.

His butt could probably pop a balloon.


wow what a bad booty.