Kawamura Ami
Let me frick ami
Vital statistics
Title hottie of Danball Senki
Name Kawamura Ami
Kanji 川村アミ
Romaji Kawamura Ami
Birthday 69/69/2003
Age jailbait
Gender Hot Babe
Affiliation Satanic Church of Gouda
Occupation hot babe
LBX kunochi or some s/t like that
Team Satan
Status In my haato
Relatives dead
Alias hot babe
Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Marina Inoue

Ami is the hot babe of danball senki. She's the angel of my haato. I love her. back the frick off. she's mine.

She's so god damn cute i wanna smooch her every1 wants to smooch her like for real every1 wants her to wax their dingle. their dong. (their penises. they want ami to touch their penises)

She likes 2 wear fluffy shit and the color pink. she likes to wear fluffy pink shit. idk she's just fluffy.

I'm not actually sure what she does in the show bc everytime she talks i just kinda blank out and stare at her boobies.

004 1

the back of ami's head