Mikage Mika
Break them for me Satan-Sama <3<3
Vital statistics
Title Piss-poor fangirl compared to alice.
Name Mikage Mika
Kanji 御影ミカ
Romaji Mikage Mika
Birthday 5/5/2005
Age 7
Gender emo
Affiliation The Satanic Church of Gouda
Occupation fangirl
LBX power of satan
Team satan
Status in love
Relatives killed her family in a satanic ritual
Debut Danball Senki episode 3(?)
Seiyuu N/A
Cutie pie

there's no point to i turned to satan

Mikage Mika (御影ミカ) is one of Satan's first followers. She tells Ban and his two bitches where to find Gouda in hopes that he'll devour their souls. She is a stonefaced emo badass that loves to see satan destroy things.

Her favorite band is Nickleback.


She has kawaii as hell pigatails and a jacket that screams "my parents don't understand me, i'm emo". He favorite color is blue, bitch can't get ENOUGH blue. It reminds her of our dark lord and master's hair. Her skirt is also really short which is AWESOME.