Yamano Ban
Ban making bedroom eyes at Jin
Vital statistics
Title Puppydog
Name Yamano Ban
Kanji ぴこ×CoCo×ちこ
Romaji Yamano Banning You
Birthday frick
Age 25
Gender puppy
Affiliation puppy
Occupation puppy
LBX some greek s/t i don't remember
Team satan
Status puppy
Relatives yamano marie (mom)

yamano junidgsujuebf (shitty dad)

Alias puppy
Debut episode 1
Seiyuu Megumi Kubota

Yamano Ban is the satanic puppy of Danball Senki.

He's kinda dumb and just fights w/ his LBX i don't even think he can form a sentence that doesn't end with "ACHILLES"

His Dead Beat Dad one day just sent him an LBX and was like "lmao sorry i'm not dead here's the fate of the world. You're like 13 now right? yeah.... you can handle this." Then Ban becomes a target for a giant, multi-billion dollar corporation.


Ban then meets his husband Jin and they stare longingly at eachother.

At first he dresses like a 5 yr old idiot. He has jeans that gives him the hips of a 50-year-old Irish woman.

In w he gets hot legs.




jin (husbando for laifo) tricking ban into joining the satanic church of gouda