Yamano Junichiro
"And that's how babies are made"
Vital statistics
Title DILF of the year
Name Yamano Junichiro
Kanji ぼくのぴこ
Romaji Yamano Junichiro
Birthday 6/9/69 ;)))
Gender DILF
Affiliation The Satanic Church of Gouda
Occupation terrible father
LBX all the LBXs. all of them.
Status hot
Relatives Ban(son) Marie(Bitch)
Alias Ruler of my heart
Debut Episode 2??
Seiyuu N/A

where the fuck is ban even looking??

Yamano Junichiro AKA DILF of the year AKA worst father in existence. Instead of raising his son he went to work on an LBX and faked his death. yeah. A++ father.

he created the Platinum Capsule which could basically make or break the future. When he found out it was going to be used for evil purposes. instead of breaking it and saving the human race a lot of trouble, he put it in an LBX and gave it to his son. And if the LBX is broken the world is fucked. Yeah, A++ person.


When he was young (pictured here) he was a total babe. King DILF for sure. But later in the anime he isn't as cute :"( So the title of King DILF was given to Ging Freeces of Hunter x Hunter.