Yamano Marie
Those are the eyes of a Woman who needs a good lovin'
Vital statistics
Title Single mom of the year
Name Yamano Marie
Kanji ぴことちこ
Romaji Yamano Marie
Birthday n/a
Gender mom
Affiliation being a loving parent unlike SOMEBODY WE KNOW
Occupation professional hottie
Team N/A
Status still cute
Relatives Ban(Son) Junichiro(Spouse)
Alias "Call me Hot Mama ;)"
Debut Danball Senki Ep 1
Seiyuu N/A

Your father is dead ^-^;

Have you ever had a friend who has a really hot Mom who's single and everytime you go to his house you just stare at her and wish you were older so you could give her the lovin' you know a mature woman like her would need?? That's Yamano Marie, 5 time winner of the Hottest mom of the year award.

Although it's later found out that she's not actually single and that her husband isn't dead. And she knows. Which is a real bummer because I was gonna ask her to prom :(.